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Two new papers

Paolini R, Zani A, MeshkinKiya A, Castaldo VL, Pisello AL, Antretter F, Poli T, Cotana F. The hygrothermal performance of residential buildings at urban and rural sites: Sensible and latent energy loads and indoor environmental conditions. Energy Build 2016 (Available online 11 November 2016). (Accepted manuscript Paolini R, Tagliabue LC, Rosina E, MeshkinKiya M, De Angelis… Read more »

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Metal mesh shading devices optimization by parametric approach design

Our Paper presented at Advanced Building Skin – Energy Forum in Bern. Windows are the most important component within building envelope to control both solar heat gain and thermal losses, but also to guarantee an optimal daylight level. Metal mesh are used in new and renovated buildings, especially in office building, as an external second… Read more »

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A robust estimation of aged solar reflectance? ASTM D 7897-15

For building energy simulations, micro- and meso- climate modelling, environmental rating schemes, structural applications, etc. everybody needs a sound value for the aged optical-radiative properties of built surfaces. Product development needs it too. Getting the answer from natural ageing might take years… so what? One may get a reliable and sound estimate with the accelerated weathering and… Read more »

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Who we are

We’re a research group of 9 people engaged in multidisciplinary research – from basic to industrial – related to the built environment. Our core activity is the innovation of building envelopes, looking at their performance over time, in use conditions.