For building energy simulations, micro- and meso- climate modelling, environmental rating schemes, structural applications, etc. everybody needs a sound value for the aged optical-radiative properties of built surfaces. Product development needs it too.

Getting the answer from natural ageing might take years… so what? One may get a reliable and sound estimate with the accelerated weathering and soiling procedure given in ASTM D 7897-15 – Standard Practice for Laboratory Soiling and Weathering of Roofing Materials to Simulate Effects of Natural Exposure on Solar Reflectance and Thermal Emittance.

Here’s the Interalboratory study we joined that allowed to test the repeatability and reproducibility of the test method.

Sleiman, M., Chen, S., Gilbert, H.E., Kirchstetter, T.W., Berdahl, P., Bruckman, L.S., Cremona, D., French, R.H., Gordon, D.A., Emiliani, M., Herrera, E., Kable, J., Ma, L., Martarelli, M., Paolini, R., Prestia, M., Renowden, J., Revel, G.M., Rosseler, O., Shiao, M., Terraneo, G., Yang, T., Yu, L., Zinzi, M., Akbari, H., Levinson, R., Destaillats, H., 2015. Soiling of building envelope surfaces and its effect on solar reflectance – Part III: Interlaboratory study of an accelerated aging method for roofing materials. Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 143, 581–590. Free access till Dec 2015

Now the test method is validated for roofing materials. We’re working on a version that will allow to reproduce soiling and weathering also for façade materials, calibrated on European urban areas.



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